The Purge 3 sets 2016 release date

The Purge Anarchy

Back in October it was announced that Universal, Blumhouse and Platinum Dunes had begun development on a third installment of THE PURGE franchise. That wasn’t exactly surprising news, though, considering THE PURGE: ANARCHY surpassed the original film’s $91 million worldwide gross and then some.

So where does THE PURGE 3 sit now? It looks like they’re eyeing a release date for next year as it’s being reported that the studio has slated the film for a July 1, 2016 release. All this really does is give them more time to work on the film, which is great, so hopefully they come up with a story that reflects how good its premise is. Hopefully.

Writer and director of the first two films, James DeMonaco is set to return to the popular franchise. He recently said, “I never imagined that The Purge would become the phenomenon it has become and I am thrilled to continue my collaboration with Blumhouse, Sebastien Lemercier, Platinum Dunes and the great team at Universal in building The Purge into a worldwide franchise.”

The Purge Frank Grillo

Extra Tidbit: Anyone actually looking forward to another PURGE flick?
Source: Variety



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