The Reach is yet another Stephen King story to get movie adaptation

Sure, there may have already been approximately 1.2 gajillion movie adaptations of Stephen King's work, but this latest one has the potential to be something special. Probably because the story in question, THE REACH, is said to rank high among the writer's favorites and one that  he would "most like to be remembered for after his death".

As reported by THR, Park Entertainment is bringing the short story to market for the first time this year in Cannes. Grayson Ross and Jodi Hansell are to handle production duties on the film, budgeted somewhere in the $12 million-$14 million range. The story itself (published in the 1985 collection SKELETON CREW) tells the tale of a 95-year old woman, who decides to travel from Goat Island to the mainland over a frozen stretch of water known as the titular Reach. Of course, if you know King, then you've probably guessed that there's more to the story, although horror aficionados might be dissapointed by the fact that it's actually one of the writer's more subtle and personal tales.

Still, far be it for me to say it lacks the potential to be made into a powerful movie.

Extra Tidbit: Previously adapted stories from SKELETON CREW include THE RAFT (as part of Creepshow 2, written for the screen by George Romero) and THE MIST (directed by Frank Darabont).



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