"The River" producer Zack Estrin tapped to pen Paranormal Activity 4

Good lord...seven months from release and you don't even have a writer yet?

Par for the course for the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY crew, who just seem to hatch, shoot, edit and distribute each flick within a 3 month time frame. Nothing's changed this go around...as producers notice the season about to officially change to spring, a new scribe has been named...

THR claims that "The River" producer Zack Estrin (seen right) will pen the 4th installment of the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY franchise. Estrin has a good working relationship with Oren Peli, showrunner of "The River," who also wrote and directed the first P.A. film in '09. Estrin also has genre-writing experience, having done episodes of "Prison Break" and "No Ordinary Family." Word is, while no official deal has been finalized, P.A. 3 directors Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost will return to helm P.A. 4 as well.

As also usual, plot details for the new entry are being shrouded. Hell, if the script isn't even written, how can details leak? One thing's for certain, the flick is still slated to open October 19th, a date given extra incentive to hint with the release-pull of HALLOWEEN 3D. This Estrin fella better get crackin'...

P.A. 3 star Sprague Grayden

Extra Tidbit: You a fan of the Estrin hire? Are you glad Joost and Schulman are in talks to return?
Source: THR



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