The Soska sisters are gearing up to make Plastic

It seems like the "Twisted Twins" sibling directing duo of Jen and Sylvia Soska are two of the most talked about filmmakers in the genre today, having developed a solid fan base since making their debut in 2009 with a micro budget film that had the attention-grabbing title DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK. Since then, they've delved into horrific body modifications in AMERICAN MARY, contributed a segment to THE ABCs OF DEATH 2, and brought slasher Jacob Goodnight back to the screen in SEE NO EVIL 2. With their revenge thriller VENDETTA set to be released in theatres and on VOD June 12th, the Soskas are now looking forward to their next project, a film to be titled PLASTIC.

Details on PLASTIC are scarce at this point, as the sisters have just started a Facebook page with no content on it aside from the script cover, adorned with a lipstick kiss. However, the screenplay being credited to Frank Strausser clues us into the fact that PLASTIC is based on Strausser's novel of the same name.

The novel's synopsis:

A celebrated Beverly Hills plastic surgeon risks everything to uncover the truth behind a crime, the disfigurement of an international pop star.

Sounds like this could be a bit of a return to the themes of AMERICAN MARY for the sisters.

As the Soskas promote VENDETTA and get PLASTIC rolling, it's clear that their career is moving fast, and I have some catching up to do. Despite fully intending to, I have yet to watch SEE NO EVIL 2, and I need to do that immediately.

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