The Spierig Brothers may be directing Saw: Legacy

Spierig Brothers

Lionsgate is being so secretive about the making of SAW: LEGACY, the eighth installment in the SAW franchise, that almost everything we're finding out about it so far is being gleaned from the websites of unions and corporations involved with the project rather than official announcements from the studio.

It was through an International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees website that we learned SAW: LEGACY will be filming in Toronto, Ontario from September 12, 2016 to October 21, 2016. The IATSE site did not list a director for the movie, though, leaving it up to the Ontario Media Development Corporation to reveal that bit of information.

The OMDC is an agency of the Government of Ontario that "supports the province’s creative economy by providing innovative programs, services and funding". The productions currently based in Ontario are listed on a PDF file on their website, and among them is a project referred to as "LEGACY", from the producers of the SAW franchise. Wonder what that could be?

This listing confirms the September 12 - October 21 shoot, and tells us who will be at the helm: sibling director duo Michael Spierig and Peter Spierig.

The Spierig Brothers previously directed the zombie film UNDEAD, the vampire film DAYBREAKERS, and the time travel thriller PREDESTINATION.

Lionsgate handled the U.S. release of UNDEAD, then teamed with the brothers on DAYBREAKERS, so there is an established working relationship there. A few years ago, the Spierigs were also working with SAW co-creator Leigh Whannell on a sci-fi movie called STEM that has yet to get off the ground.

On SAW: LEGACY, the Spierigs will be working from a screenplay written by PIRANHA 3D / SORORITY ROW's Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger.

The Spierig Brothers have recently been developing the haunted house story WINCHESTER, which Helen Mirren has signed to star in. Since WINCHESTER has been aiming for a vague "early 2017" start, hopefully doing SAW: LEGACY in the meantime won't disrupt the brothers' plans for that one too much.

I'm also hoping their hiring for the SAW: LEGACY means they'll be bringing their DAYBREAKERS and PREDESTINATION star Ethan Hawke to the franchise along with them.

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