The Stage Fright team is bringing us a slasher about skaters

Jerome Sable Nicholas Musurca skater slasher

Filmmaking team Jerome Sable and Nicholas Musurca have previously collaborated on intriguing projects like the horror musical short "The Legend of Beaver Dam," the ABC'S OF DEATH 2 segment "V is for Vacation," and the feature STAGE FRIGHT (which Sable directed and wrote and Musurca edited). Their next project should certainly pique the interest of horror fans.

The feature doesn't have a title yet, but it will be a slasher centering around the world of skaters and extreme street stunt performers.

The story follows:

A small-town skate crew whose obsession with becoming internet-famous leads them into a trap of unrelenting horror.

Sable and Musurca are co-writing the script for Gunpowder & Sky and Supergravity Pictures, with Sable set to direct.

Said Sable:

We’re thrilled to have found partners who are enabling our depravity as we try to push the boundaries of horror.

Musurca followed up, saying: 

Honestly, when people see the movie we’re making, it will be great to have collaborators to share the blame with us.

I'm always a little wary about modern slashers because they're mostly aimless throwbacks, but I'm certainly interested to see how they apply the formula to this unexplored realm. More news as this project develops!

Extra Tidbit: Were you a fan of STAGE FRIGHT?
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