The Strange Case of Mr. Hyde gets new life from screenwriter Albert Torres

We last got an update on the big-screen version of Dark Horse Comics' THE STRANGE CASE OF MR. HYDE back in 2010, when it was announced that Warner Bros. had snatched up the book's right. There has been little movement on the project since, but today we get an update courtesy of The Wrap.

Screenwriter Albert Torres has come on board to re-write the script, which was initially penned by Cole Haddon (also the writer of the comic). Torres' highest profile gig has been the as-yet-unproduced live action AKIRA movie. He also wrote HENRY POOLE IS HERE, starring Luke Wilson.

The plot of HYDE: Sometimes good police work just isn’t enough, as Inspector Thomas Adye of Scotland Yard finds out when he’s assigned to the Jack the Ripper case. He’ll need the guidance of imprisoned madman and amoral libertine, Dr. Henry Jekyll, whose mind-splitting serum Jack might be using to commit his bloody murders.

No director is attached to the adaptation, but that might change after Torres has finished up his revisions.

Extra Tidbit: Has anyone read these HYDE comics?
Source: The Wrap



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