The Strangers 2 will have some Christine-style vehicular action

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Saved from a straight-to-video release at the zero hour and released into theatres just under a year later, director Johannes Roberts' shark thriller 47 METERS DOWN did decent numbers at the box office this past weekend. It wasn't huge, but it performed respectably for a movie that almost reached DVD shelves in 2016.

The 47 METERS DOWN numbers are good news for Roberts to hear while he's on the set of his next movie, the long-awaited sequel to Bryan Bertino's 2008 home invasion hit THE STRANGERS

Roberts was doing the press rounds during the build-up to the release of his shark movie, and during those interviews he also let slip some comments about THE STRANGERS 2. Most intriguing was a quote that came out last week, in which Roberts named some of his STRANGERS 2 inspirations. Among them were a couple of odd choices for a home invasion movie - Steven Spielberg's DUEL and John Carpenter's Stephen King adaptation CHRISTINE. Sure, those films have some great moments of thrills, chills, and paranoia, but the main thing that comes to mind is the vehicular action.

Well, as it turns out, that's exactly what Roberts had in mind when referencing those films, because THE STRANGERS 2 is going to have some vehicular action itself.

Roberts revealed that detail during an interview with CraveOnline: 

... it was a great script and it just had a lot of different elements that I really always wanted to tackle. We play with the truck a lot in this one, and that’s kind of fun. It has a slight CHRISTINE feel to it. That’s kind of cool.

The truck, you said?

Yeah, you know, the Strangers’ truck in the first one. That plays quite an iconic role in this.

Now I'm excited to see just how those masked Strangers are going to be using their truck against their new victims.

The screenplay for THE STRANGERS 2 was originally written by Bertino right after the first movie came out. It has since received a rewrite by Ben Ketai.

We heard long ago that the story centers on 

a family on the verge of sending their troubled teenage daughter to boarding school as they embark on one last family trip to a mobile home park that their uncle runs. Their last bonding opportunity turns to horror when the teenage children discover the bodies of their aunt and uncle, fresh from a recent visit from the Strangers — Man in the Mask, Pin Up Girl and Dollface. The night becomes a race to escape for the family, as the masked killers take new pleasure in tormenting their victims in this twisted sequel that picks up where the original’s bloody footprints leave off.

THE STRANGERS 2 stars Christina Hendricks, Martin Henderson, Bailee Madison, and Lewis Pullman.

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