The Texas Chainsaw gas station is becoming a BBQ restaurant - for real

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Ari Lehman Gas Station Horror BBQ

THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE is a horror classic, but the farthest most fans can go in their appreciation is buying that swanky new 4K restoration. However, soon CHAIN SAW fans can have their Blu-Ray and eat, too. You see, the original gas station featured in the movie (called W. E. Slaughter on screen - get it?) has been purchased by one Roy Rose, an entrepeneur from Ohio who is refurbishing it and planning on converting it into a horror BBQ resort.

How could such a perfect idea have taken more than 40 years to achieve? When it's complete, W. E. Slaughter will be "a destination site for horror fans (and even their families) complete with restaurant, music venue, retail store, and overnight cabins.”

This renovation is being performed with the cooperation of Ari Lehman, the original Jason from FRIDAY THE 13TH, who can never resist getting his fingers in cool horror activities. There's no grand opening date, but if you like their Facebook page (a post is shared below) you can follow updates. And of course you'll hear about any updates right here!


We are restoring the Smoker House saved as much original wood as possible, added some from another barn that had fallen...

Posted by Texas Chainsaw Massacre Gas Station on Friday, March 25, 2016
Extra Tidbit: What other horror locations would you like to see refurbished?
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