The Toolbox Murders III seeks funding, the Zombies, and David Arquette

Back in 2004, Tobe Hooper directed a remake of 1978 drive-in sleaze cult classic THE TOOLBOX MURDERS that I felt was a great slasher and could've been the start of a solid franchise. Those franchise hopes seemed to be dashed by how long it took for a sequel to go into production, a sequel that then sat on a shelf for years until Scream Factory gave it a proper release earlier this month. Although TOOLBOX MURDERS 2 was very troubled, producer Tony DiDio isn't giving up on the property and is now working on getting THE TOOLBOX MURDERS III off the ground.

A screenplay for the new sequel has been written by Rob Miller, with MOTEL HELL director Kevin Connor attached to bring it to the screen. TOOLBOX MURDERS 2 star Chauntal Lewis will be returning, with Greg Travis reprising his role as the apartment building manager from the first film. DiDio is hoping to bring Sheri Moon Zombie back from the remake as well, despite the fact that her character was killed off, and to get her husband Rob Zombie to contribute to the soundtrack and possibly make a cameo. Also on the casting wish list is David Arquette.

To make THE TOOLBOX MURDERS III happen, DiDio has turned to Indiegogo, creating a campaign with a goal of $325,000. 

The campaign has gotten off to a very slow start, but there are two weeks remaining and I'm really hoping the sequel will get made, without the troubles that plagued part 2. Coffin Baby is a slasher with promise, and I'd like to see him return in this film that DiDio says will be a "smart action/horror/thriller with bigger killings, beautiful girls (who unfortunately won't all make it to the end), and of course bigger tools."

If the idea of a TOOLBOX MURDERS III interests you, you can check out the campaign right here and look over the perks.

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