The trailer for Shadow People will sneak up on you

We've covered SHADOW PEOPLE a few times over the past couple of years, giving you your first look at the teaser poster for the film way back in May of 2011 HERE, and speaking about the films impending DVD/Blu-Ray release as recent as last month right HERE. The SHADOW PEOPLE have crept back up on us with a new trailer for the film and we've got it for you below.


SHADOW PEOPLE is a psychological-thriller that explores the rare medical phenomenon known as SUNDS (Sudden Unexplained Nocturnal Death Syndrome). Millions of people across the globe have had encounters with what they describe as dark, shadowy creatures that visit them at night. Sometimes horrifying, sometimes deadly, these nocturnal intruders have been described as early as man's first recorded writings. But what are they? And what do they want?

Small town radio personality Charlie Crowe (Dallas Roberts) is thrust into the mystery when a strange caller relates a terrifying experience during Crowe's late night call-in show. At the same time, CDC Public Health Agent, Sophie Lancombe (Alison Eastwood), is hot on the trail of the cause of the rare medical condition known as SUNDS. Her investigations entwine her with Charlie's own discoveries and take them both into a dark world and a decades old cover-up about the phenomenon we now call The Shadow People. Once you open the door to the mystery... you'll never sleep soundly again.


SHADOW PEOPLE hits discs on March 19. You can preorder SHADOW PEOPLE on DVD by clicking HERE, or grab it on Blu-Ray right HERE.

Extra Tidbit: SHADOW PEOPLE looks like it has a solid chance to deliver some genuine scares. Will you be checking this one out when it releases on DVD and Blu-Ray?



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