The Walking Dead brings in Chad Coleman for Tyreese role

Chad Coleman, best known for his role as Cutty in HBO's "The Wire," has joined "The Walking Dead" in the fan-favorite role of Tyreese. The character could make an appearance as early as the December 2nd mid-season finale.

As I'm not familiar with the comics, I'll let The Hollywood Reporter describe Tyreese: In the Image comics, Tyreese first appeared in the seventh issue, crossing paths with Rick and his group on the highway, with the former sheriff providing food for the former Atlanta Falcons linebacker and his family before joining the fold. The character eventually works his way up as Rick's No. 2 following Shane's death and becomes a love interest for both Carol and Michonne.

Tyreese is just the latest notable character from the comics to make it into the TV series following the inclusions of The Governor and Michonne. According to the showrunner, Glen Mazzara, we can expect plenty more.

"There are a lot of characters from the comics that we will eventually work into the show -- Tyreese, Abraham, this new character Negan, who is the latest bad guy [in the comics]," showrunner Glen Mazzara told THR in October ahead of the season three premiere. "They all exist in the world of The Walking Dead, and it's just a matter of time before we meet them all."

Extra Tidbit: For the readers of the comics: Are you excited that the TV series is bringing in Tyreese?
Source: THR



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