The Walking Dead: David Morrissey talks The Governor in Season Four

When we last saw The Governor in "The Walking Dead", well, things weren't going so well for the small town despot: He saw his raid on the prison end disastrously, then he lost the majority of whatever followers he still had when he went psycho and blew them all away. The man fled the scene with his two lieutenants, off to who-knows-where, leaving us with an impression of a truly corrupt villain without a single remaining redeeming quality.

With Season Four quickly approaching, the Governor's presence in the season is one of the show's biggest questions. We've heard that he might be getting a couple of stand-alone episodes, but that's just speculation at the moment. But today we've got a few words from the actor who wears the eyepatch, David Morrissey, about the Governor's state of mind going forward:

He doesn’t carry what happened at the end of season three very lightly. He was a man that recognizes a switch went off in his head and even though he’s done terrible things, that ramped him up to somewhere else and he was out of control. That’s a very worrying thing for him and that switch takes him into this dark place.

Fairly interesting: the Governor is still "with it" enough to recognize when he's gone too off the deep end. (Because keeping his zombified daughter chained up in his office wasn't too strange.) I guess we'll have to wait and see what lessons the Gov has learned when Season Four of "The Walking Dead" returns on October 13th.

Extra Tidbit: What are you looking forward to seeing from The Governor in Season Four?
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