The Walking Dead Escape is coming to New York!

New York City and all surrounding areas are now reporting infestations of flesh eating walkers. All major escape routes out of the city have been compromised. The only way to safety is via the Hudson River!

Nah, just kidding. It's only WALKING DEAD ESCAPE, the interactive survival game that has been featured at recent San Diego Comic-Cons at Petco Park. This time it's taking place on the USS Intrepid Air & Space Museum. Yes, an actual aircraft carrier is going to be the site of a zombie nightmare!

You can choose from two ways to participate in The Walking Dead Escape. You can participate as a Survivor and race through the Walker infested evacuation zone; or a Walker who becomes one of the undead. If you're a survivor, your only obstacle isn’t being chased by walkers. You will climb, jump, slide, crawl, through our Chain Link Mega Zone, Herd Highway, Hospital Hell and more!

Unfortunately this is a one-time only event: October 12th. I guess you can't have blood-soaked people running rampant on a historically important aircraft carrier every night. Head over HERE for more details.

Extra Tidbit: Halloween is coming, y'all!
Source: Official Site



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