The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus onboard for The Crow reboot?

I'm a big fan of Norman Reedus (and nowadays, who isn't?). I thought he was simply awesome in the BOONDOCK SAINTS films and I have really dug his work as crossbow-weilding Daryl Dixon on AMC's "The Walking Dead", so anytime he's attached to a project I'm interested. Now it seems Reedus may be taking a major role in the upcoming reboot of THE CROW. Interested? I betcha are! Read on.

Schmoes Know is reporting that Norman Reedus is a top contender for the role of "James" in Javier Gutierrez's THE CROW. No word on who the character is, but their sources say it is one of the leads. Pretty cool news, huh? 

It should be noted that some sites are claiming Reedus' character will actually become The Crow, however last we knew Luke Evans was still set to play Eric Draven in the reboot. Maybe Luke Evans has dropped out and the character's name has been changed to James, but that announcement hasn't been made so we'll stick with what we've heard for now. Although, to be honest, I can totally see Reedus as THE CROW and would love to hear that he'd nabbed that role.

Schmoes Know also has some interesting news on the role of Shelly, Eric Draven's girlfriend. Apparently the producers and studio were looking at Kristen Stewart for the part, but “shied away from the idea after hearing that she wouldn’t attract an audience." Good. I'm not really a fan of Stewart's work and would have a hard time believing her in that role. And although the character is important to the story, she probably won't have a lot of screen time in the reboot, if it ends up being anything like the original film.

Set to be directed by Javier Gutierrez, THE CROW features a script by Cliff Dorfman. Series creator James O'Barr will also work as a consultant on the film, which is said to begin production in 2014. No release date is currently set.

Extra Tidbit: Does the potential to have Norman Reedus involved with THE CROW reboot excite you?
Source: SchmoesKnow



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