The Wolfman howls at NBC

Horror continues to eat up the small screen as NBC is now looking to bring a new beast to our living rooms with "The Wolfman". According to Deadline, NBC is developing a contender for its Friday supernatural block anchored by "Grimm", which is currently paired with "Dracula". It hails from "Dracula" executive producer/head writer Daniel Knauf and is based on Universal Pictures’ Scott Stuber-produced 20knauf10 feature THE WOLFMAN (above) starring Benicio Del Toro and Anthony Hopkins, which in turn was a remake of the 1941 movie. "The Wolfman" is one of two projects Knauf has at NBC, along with a supernatural telenovela produced by Electus that is part of the company’s 3-for-1 telenovela deal at NBC, intended to result in a 13-episode order.

Right now the show is being described as…

a supernatural thriller that explores what it means to be a man and to be human. It centers on Lawrence Talbot, who is afflicted by an ancient curse and jacks into the powerful, primordial soul of the alpha-predator.

Based on that little description it doesn't sound like the show is going to offer anything new to the classic tale which could either be a good thing or a bad thing. We'll have to wait and see how this one turns out, but there's no denying the popular presence that horror has on TV right now; It's nice to see and hopefully the networks will continue to dish out some popular stuff because that's exactly what the horror genre needs.

Knauf is writing and executive producing with Stuber and Quan Phung.

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Source: Deadline



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