The woods are alive with Radioactive Flesh Eating Foliage

Former Arrow in the Head contributor Matt Withers wrote in from the field with the word on this one, a low budget horror movie from Maryland-based writer/director/producer Dusty W. Fleischman's Creepy Crawl Entertainment that warrants mention just for its title alone, RADIOACTIVE FLESH EATING FOLIAGE.

The movie has the following synopsis:

On the mountains in Western Maryland a large chemical company has been dumping its waste in the woods. Now a strange thing has happened. The trees have been attacking hikers! The company sends in two mercenary convicts to deal with the problem, but things don't go well. The plot thickens as a college professor takes a group of students out onto the mountain to look for the elusive "goatman" that is believed to be responsible for the attacks. Along the way they meet a strange cast of characters and soon find that they are all now being hunted by the killer shrubbery. They have a particular taste for the lovely flesh of the ladies. Will any of them make it out alive or is mankind doomed to become food for the foliage!!!! 

Genius is on display in the teaser trailer, which can be seen below. The villains attacking the scantily clad females are simply tree branches that are waved into frame for the actors to wrestle with. It doesn't get more simple than this, and hopefully the full film will be as ridiculously entertaining as the title and concept promise. At the very least, it should be more watchable than THE HAPPENING.

The cast Fleischman pitted against the evil trees includes Rita Christine, Jesse L. Green, Mel Heflin, Steve Fiendish, Amber Kidwell, Matt Nuefeld, Bob "Gunslinger" Singer, Invader Bethany, Kelsey Cooper, Sharrie Mccain, Jenny Jannetty, and Heather Cahill/Nadia White.

RADIOACTIVE FLESH EATING FOLIAGE will be making its premiere at the Four State Slasher Con in Winchester, Virginia on October 17th. A DVD release is set for October 30th.

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