There's something in the woods in new clip from UK cannibal flick Elfie Hopkins

4/20 is the perfect release date for Ryan Andrews' new UK cannibal picture ELFIE HOPKINS, as it centers on a stoner and his buddy who face off with a drove of gluttonous cannibals. We have a lengthy new clip from the film to share with you to get your mind right...ya dig?!?

In the clip, it seems a suspicious finding in the woods has lead to the arrival of the police. Was that such a smart play for Elfie? Find out below!

Starring Jamie Winstone (below), Ray Winstone, Rupert Evans, Kate Magowan, Aneurin Barnard, Steven Mackintosh and Kimberley Nixon:

Elfie Hopkins and The Gammons tells the story of a misfit stoner and pulp fiction aficionado Elfie Hopkins. She dreams of escaping the dreary rural village and hitting the big smoke for some action. But when a mysterious family moves in across the street Elfie soon realizes that the biggest and certainly bloodiest case of her life has just landed on her door step.

4/20 in the UK...the rest of us suckers have to wait for an official date.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite cannibal film?
Source: Kaleidoscope



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