Read the intense first two pages of the unmade Gremlins reboot

I'm sure that many of you are happy that the rumors of a GREMLINS reboot never came to fruition (not yet, anyway), but I have something that might just make you rethink your stance. Screenwriters Damian Shannon and Mark Swift (of FREDDY VS. JASON and FRIDAY THE 13TH 2009) have shared the first two pages of their ultimately rejected pitch for the remake and... it's kind of awesome.

This movie would have opened huge, with a plane crash that feels like the Twilight Zone episode "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" gone bad. It acknowledges the loopholes of the iconic rules by having a character crossing time zones and goes from zero to sixty almost immediately. Perhaps nothing could have matched the brilliance of Joe Dante's film, but this pitch feels a little like the original GREMLINS script, which was supposed to be much darker and more violent. Honestly, I'm kind of disappointed this script didn't get a chance.

But don't let me ruin it all for you. Look below and check out the pages for yourself!

Extra Tidbit: Would you like for this script to have gotten the green light?
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