Thomas Ian Nicholas, Clare Kramer among Brian A. Metcalf's Strange Ones

Director Brian A. Metcalf has completed two films in the horror genre that have yet to be released (LIVING AMONG US and THE LOST TREE), and he's already moving forward with another genre project: as May comes to a close, Metcalf will be in production on STRANGE ONES, which he'll be directing from his own screenplay.

STRANGE ONES centers on

an abused high school girl who accidentally conjures forth a demon that decides to take revenge on those who wronged her.

Kelly Arjen will be making her film debut as the high school girl, while Metcalf's LIVING AMONG US and THE LOST TREE star Thomas Ian Nicholas is set to portray the demon. The cast also includes Clare Kramer and Hunter Gomez.

Metcalf and Nicholas are producing the film with Alaina Bendi and Ben Chan under the Red Compass Media banner.

Being familiar with Nicholas from movies like AMERICAN PIE and THE RULES OF ATTRACTION (and dare I mention HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION?), I can't quite imagine how he might come off in the role of a vengeful demon, but I'm all for people trying to broaden viewers' perceptions of them. 

It has been nearly three years since the unreleased THE LOST TREE was first announced, so hopefully STRANGE ONES will be available long before 2018 rolls around. This sounds like it could be fun.

Clare Kramer

Extra Tidbit: Can you picture Thomas Ian Nicholas as a demon?
Source: Variety



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