Thora Birch and Macon Blair star in Lucky McKee's Kindred Spirits

Macon Blair Blue Ruin

Lucky McKee's 2002 film MAY ensured that I will be watching anything the director ever makes, so I'm glad to hear that he has set up a new thriller project. This one is called KINDRED SPIRITS, and my interest in it is boosted even further by the presence of Macon Blair in the cast. Thanks to his roles in movies like MURDER PARTY and BLUE RUIN (pictured above), and to the fact that he wrote and directed the awesome I DON'T FEEL AT HOME IN THIS WORLD ANYMORE, Blair is another person whose involvement guarantees I will watch something.

Blair is joined in the KINDRED SPIRITS cast by Thora Birch, Sasha Frolova, and Caitlin Stasey.

Birch's character is 

Chloe, a single mother in a relationship with Alex (Blair). Chloe’s life is turned upside down when her sister, Sadie (Stasey) comes home after a long unexplained absence.

It's not clear what sort of thrills Sadie will be bringing into the picture.

KINDRED SPIRITS is being produced by Michael Moran and Birch's long-time friend Ash Christian. The screenplay was written by McKee's frequent collaborator Chris Sivertson.

The film will be shot in Austin, Texas. Since this is a must-see for me, I'll be following its progress closely.

Source: Deadline



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