Thorne and Riggs will Keep Watching on home video in February

Keep Watching Sean Carter Bella Thorne

When Sony's Screen Gems acquired the distribution rights to director Sean Carter's film KEEP WATCHING, they were hoping the film would kickstart a new franchise. The chances of that happening seemed to decrease when the film was given a one-night-only theatrical release this past October... but if the upcoming home video release does well enough, maybe the film will get a sequel after all. We can only wait to find out.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has announced that they will be releasing KEEP WATCHING on digital and DVD on February 6, 2018.

Written by Joseph Dembner from a story he crafted with producer Alex Heineman, the film has the following synopsis: 

A family imprisoned by intruders is forced to play a terrifying game of “Kill, Or Be Killed”. As the night unfolds, the game’s mysterious rules become clear, and the family realizes their nightmare is being streamed live to riveted viewers all over the world, who are compelled to keep watching… not knowing if what they’re seeing is real, or staged.

KEEP WATCHING was filmed under the title HOME INVASION back in 2013. It stars Bella Thorne, Natalie Martinez, Ioan Gruffudd, Matthew Willig, Leigh Whannell, and The Walking Dead's Chandler Riggs. 

Since Riggs's Walking Dead character is currently at the center of a very controversial decision on the show, this might be the perfect time for KEEP WATCHING to finally escape into the world.

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