Tim Roth to lift the blade in "The Knifeman", David Cronenberg's odd medical TV show

Tim Roth and David Cronenberg? That a sweet combo or what?!

Well, the two men are set to join forces on the unorthodox medical drama "The Knifeman", a project we alerted you of this past March. Deadline has it that Roth is set to play the lead in the series, which is being directed (the pilot) and produced by Cronenberg. Word is the show is currently being shopped to various networks. Let's hope this sucker goes to pay cable, no what I mean?!

"The Knifeman" focuses on the trials and triumphs of John Tattersall (Roth), a radical, self-educated surgeon, delivering a visceral portrait of the extraordinary and unorthodox lengths he will go to uncover the secrets of the human body.

A lot of space to go balls out crazy with that setup, let's hope Cronenberg hasn't softened in recent years. Roth on the other hand rarely ever disappoints, so high hopes we should have for "The Knifeman."

You agree?

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Source: Deadline



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