Timo Rose is remaking Ted V. Mikels' The Corpse Grinders

The Corpse Grinders Ted V. Mikels

In 1971, cult filmmaker Ted V. Mikels made a film called THE CORPSE GRINDERS, about a killer who disposes of his victims by grinding them up into cat food, concocting a meal that really drives cats wild.

Over the next several decades, THE CORPSE GRINDERS was expanded into a trilogy, with THE CORPSE GRINDERS 3 having just come out in 2012. Now a new CORPSE GRINDER film is in the works - not a sequel, but a remake written and directed by prolific German filmmaker Timo Rose.

Rose will be sticking close to the story of the original film, which was written by Arch Hall and Joseph Cranston:

Landau, owner of the Lotus Cat Food Company, has run into financial trouble. He winds up killing one of his employees and disposing of the body by grinding it up and putting it in his product. Suddenly, sales start to spike, leading to more people disappearances; one of the victims is a man named Frank, whose girlfriend Tessie sets out find him. 

He will, however, be leaving out the aspect of cats being driven to attack people after eating the human meat cat food. As Rose says, "I don’t want to see cats killing people. I want to see Landau killing people."

Max Evans will be playing Landau in this new take on THE CORPSE GRINDERS, and his co-stars will include Enya Maria Tames and Yazmeen Baker.

Rose promises that the remake will be "bloody and scary" and will deliver "bone-crushing terror". Filming begins today, June 1st.

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Source: Fangoria



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