TNT fires up sequel series to Stephen King's Firestarter

If you were ever curious to know what happened to Charlie McGee, the young, dangerous protagonist from Stephen King's FIRESTARTER, TNT has the answer for you.

The network has just announced they're developing a sequel series to the King book (and Mark L. Lester movie) called "The Shop", which takes place twenty years after the events of the original tale.

Here is the official synopsis provided by TNT:

Based on characters created by Stephen King, this supernatural thriller centers on The Shop, a mysterious organization that once exploited the pyrokinetic abilities of a young girl named Charlie McGee. Twenty years after bringing the organization to its knees in a blaze of fire, Charlie has been tracked down by one of its former members, Henry Talbot. Talbot introduces Charlie to a group of people just like her, all products of The Shop with their own unique abilities. It turns out The Shop is very much alive, bigger and badder than ever, and its dark experiments are unleashing terrifying new entities on the world. It's now up to Talbot, Charlie and the rest of the team to find The Shop and destroy it for good.

"The Shop" has been written by Robbie Thompson ("Supernatural") and will be produced by James Middleton (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), Jaime Paglia (Eureka) and Thompson.

This actually isn't the first sequel to FIRESTARTER, although you'll be forgiven if you don't remember the terrible TV movie FIRESTARTER: REKINDLED from 2002...

Extra Tidbit: Are you curious to see how "The Shop" turns out?
Source: THR



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