TNT's Tales from the Crypt might hit in late 2017 with an expanded slot

Tales from the Crypt TNT M Night Shyamalan

TNT's M. Night Shyamalan-spearheaded revival of Tales from the Crypt is creeping up on us! It's preparing to hit the airwaves tentatively in the fourth quarter of 2017, but the reason it's taking so long is a good one. First off, they want to make sure they resurrect the Crypt Keeper, who needs to be untangled from some messy rights claims. And second, they're developing much more than just a simple horror show.

Says TNT president Kevin Reilly:

I think it may even be longer than an hour. There’s going to be a half-hour anthology and then a one-hour original show with some shorts in between. So it’s part of a whole block. The original half-hour, sort of slightly comedic, kind of twisted [story] that Night himself is going to direct will be a part of it every week. Then we’re going to have rotating original one-hours. Then we’ve got shorts that’ll be part of it too. 

This sounds like they're pulling out all the stops to jam pack as much horrific entertainment into the slot as possible. It's a package the likes of which hasn't been seen in quite some time, especially when you consider that Tales is going to be part of an even larger horror block alongside the shows Creatures and Time of Death.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite episode of Tales from the Crypt?
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