Tobey Maguire enlisits for post-apocalyptic drama Z for Zacharia

Tobey Maguire...scientist? You seeing that?

We all may eventually, as word has dropped Maguire has joined post-apocalyptic drama Z FOR ZACHARIA. The flick is being directed by Craig Zobel (COMPLIANCE), from Nissar Modi's adapted script of Robert C. O'Brien's novel. The same novel that was adapted as a BBC TV episode back in 1984.

Story follows a teenage girl who lives alone and maintains a farm in the only valley with breathable air in the wake of nuclear war. Her world is turned upside down when two strangers wander in from the forest.

Maguire is attached to play a rugged scientist with a dark past who the young protag nurses back to health after he is weakened by a contaminated stream.

Kind of sounds like a "Walking Dead" season 2 scenario...with Hershel's farm being an untainted sanctuary. Never lasts though does it? Bad shite always shows up.

Material Pictures is producing Z FOR ZACHARIA, along with Maguire, his pal Gary Ross, Matthew Plouffe and others.

Maguire's THE DETAILS co-star Kerry Washington

Extra Tidbit: What's Tobey's best performance?
Source: Variety



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