Todd McFarlane promises darker, badass Spawn movie

Todd McFarlane Spawn

Although it's been quite some time since we've heard rumblings from the reboot of 1997's SPAWN, original character creator Todd McFarlane has just dropped a bombshell. During an interview with AMC's Geeking Out, he spoke about his vision for the film franchise.

When asked if we'd be getting another movie, McFarlane responded:

The simple answer is yes. It's not going to be a continuation. It's not going to be a sequel. Scrub the first movie... It's going to be a dark, R-rated, scary, badass sort of script. It's not a nice, polite PG-13..."

He also said the film would utilize practical effects, which seems like pure nerdnip, to the point that I'm not entirel convinced it's going to happen. He didn't give any concrete details about when we'd see progress on the film's development, so I wouldn't hold my breath. However, his confidence and the new interest this has sparked are very important and hopefully light a SPAWN fire under the studios' asses.

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