Tom Arnold joins the cast of The Curse of Downers Grove

I may be in the minority here, but I've never really understood all the hate for Tom Arnold. Sure, he rode his ex-wife Roseanne Barr's coattails into the limelight and hasn't had much luck carrying a film as a headliner, but I find his brand of humor funny enough and he has proven he has some real acting chops by delivering some good performances in films such as TRUE LIES as well as some truly effective guest appearances on "Sons of Anarchy" as a slimy porn producer.

Arnold has just been cast in the indie thriller THE CURSE OF DOWNERS GROVE, the Bret Easton Ellis-penned supernatural flick that we last updated you on HERE. Arnold will portray a brutal and abusive father who keeps his son (the previously announced Kevin Zegers) supplied with steroids for his would-be pro-football career.

Directed by Derick Martini from a script he co-wrote with Bret Easton Ellis (AMERICAN PSYCHO) and adapted from Michael Hornburg’s novel, THE CURSE OF DOWNERS GROVE centers on a paranoid high school senior who's worried about an apparent curse that takes the life of one student every year at the school. Here's an extended synopsis taken from the novel from which the film is based:

Chrissie Swanson is a paranoid high school senior for whom graduating has become a matter of life or death. She's an unusual girl in an ordinary town. Her mother's sex life is overshadowing her own; her brother is aboard his own private Enterprise, slipping into one black hole after another; her best friend is hornier than a Prince song; leaving her eccentric grandmother as the only source of wisdom in a rapid downward spiral. As Chrissie tries to take control of the events that shape her life, she finds the events beginning to take control of her, until she is finally cornered by choices with everlasting consequences.

Bella Heathcote, Lucas Till, Zane Holtz and Penelope Mitchell also star.

CURSE OF DOWNERS GROVE star Bella Heathcote

Extra Tidbit: Tom Arnold: like, hate or indifferent?
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