Tom Savini shares a trailer for Tina Romero collaboration Flicker

Flicker Tom Savini Tina Romero Robert Tinnell

Last month, we shared the news that George A. Romero's filmmaking program and Tom Savini's makeup effects program at the Douglas Education Center were collaborating to create a web series that was being directed by Savini, writer/producer Robert Tinnell, and Romero's daughter Tina Romero. Since then, Savini has taken to his Twitter account to reveal that the web series is titled FLICKER, and to share the project's first trailer.

The web series is said to involve 

magic tricks, violence, revenge, and horror in the style of a silent film.

Actor Jason Baker described the first installment in the series as "OLDBOY shot as a silent film starring Lon Chaney Sr.", and the trailer below shows you exactly what that would look like.

Baker's co-stars include Suzanne Deschroder and Mandy Simpson.

We'll keep you updated on FLICKER as more information is made available. In the meantime, check out this trailer:

Extra Tidbit: Are you looking forward to FLICKER?
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