Tom Shankland's Dark Corners finally ready to roll thanks to Solar Pictures

Better late than never for DARK CORNERS, the latest flick from THE CHILDREN director Tom Shankland (pictured right). We first wrote it up in January 2011, when it was announced that Shankland, along with Peter Block's A Bigger Boat production company, would be collaborating on the thriller. And we haven't heard diddly since.

Today the film gets good news, however. Turns out newly formed Solar Pictures, headed by Romanian billionaire Bobby Paunescu, has come on board to finance and produce DARK CORNERS, with Shankland and Block still attached.

Written by E.L. Katz and Tim Day, DARK CORNERS revolves around Jess, a beautiful blind college girl who is tormented by a methodic killer who knows her well and therefore knows what terrifies her. He is motivated by sadistic revenge, but she turns her apparent weakness into a strength and fights back.

DARK CORNERS will shoot at Mandragora Studios (a sister company to Solar Pictures) in Romania in the first quarter of next year. No cast has been announced yet.

Extra Tidbit: I personally loved THE CHILDREN (which co-stars Hanna Tointon, pictured above). Are you psyched to see what else Shankland has to offer?
Source: Variety



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