Tom Six promises to "reveal all" in The Human Centipede 3

Tom Six has taken to Twitter once again to tease his followers with a tiny morsel of HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3 news. For some it will be worth zilch, for others, it can be called tantalizing...

(Guess I should first warn you we'll get into minor spoiler territory in regards to the endings of THC 1 and 2.)

Audiences who subjected themselves to Six's first two freakshows were shown the door with murky, semi-unresolved conclusions in both cases: The first film finished us off with the unsightly image of poor Lindsay (Ashley C. Williams) stuck helplessly between two dead ends of Dr. Heiter's monstrous centipede. Part Two's conclusion left the entire film in question: Did Martin (Laurence R. Harvey) imagine the entire ordeal, or did he simply resume his job as a parking lot attendant after getting a centipede shoved in his butt? (Sorry, but there's no way of putting that any differently.)

Six today wishes to calm your worries about never finding out the fates of these characters. The man tweeted: Yes twitters. What happened to Lindsay stuck in between two corpses in #THC and Martin's strange #THC2 ending?: I will reveal all in #THC3

THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE takes place in a different reality than Part Two (as you most likely know, Part Two's villain is the world's biggest, sickest HUMAN CENTIPEDE fan), so I'd be lying if I told you I'm not just a bit curious to discover how Six intends on wrapping both threads up in his third THC film.

What it says about me that I'm interested in such things? I don't want to know...

Ashley C. Williams

Extra Tidbit: Tom Six himself stars in THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE 3.
Source: Twitter



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