Tony Todd recruited for Army of the Damned

Horror icon and genre favorite Tony Todd has joined the cast of Tom DeNucci's upcoming ARMY OF THE DAMNED, joining Michael Berryman, Sully Erna and Nick Principe in the Chad Verdi-produced flick centering around the filming of a hit reality show that goes horribly wrong.

Todd is just the latest name to be recruited for ARMY OF THE DAMNED, which also includes former boyband-star Joey Fatone and former professional wrestlers Tommy Dreamer and Thea Trinidad, as well as David Chokachi, Jackie Moore and Tom Paolino. With the addition of Todd to the cast, producer Chad Verdi is certain genre fans will be happy with what DeNucci has cooked up, stating...

Tony Todd is a great actor and a horror legend. He was the last piece of the puzzle that I felt this film needed to be the blockbuster I know it will be."

As for what ARMY OF THE DAMNED will deliver, the films synopsis goes like this:

Army of the Damned tells the story of a hit reality TV crew following a group of local cops in a sleepy town. Things go horrible wrong for the cops, played by Tony Todd (Candyman, Platoon, The Rock), Sully Erna (Godsmack front man), Tommy Dreamer (pro wrestling legend), David Chokachi ("Baywatch," Witchblade, Beyond the Break), Thea Trinidad (TNA wrestling diva, Self-Storage, Five Senses of Fear) and Tom Paolino (Inkubus, Infected), and the camera crew, played by Joey Fatone (N*SYNC, My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and Jackie Moore (100 Ghost Street, The Return of Richard Speck, "Homeland," "30 Rock"), when they respond to a call that brings a whole new meaning to the term "domestic disturbance." Faced with life and death situations, these officers are forced to throw the rule book out in order to stay alive. With the help of a reclusive hermit played by Michael Berryman (One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, The Devil's Rejects) and a petty criminal played by Nick Principe (Laid to Rest, Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2, Madison County), the lawmen do all they can to serve, protect and avoid joining the Army of the Damned.

That's a pretty intriguing synopsis. Let's just hope that ARMY OF THE DAMNED delivers the goods.

We'll keep you updated on ARMY OF THE DAMNED as we hear it.

Extra Tidbit: ARMY OF THE DAMNED seems to have a very solid cast. Do you have high hopes for this one?



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