Tony Todd weighs in on Jordan Peele's Candyman remake

A few weeks back we passed along the killer news that writer-director Jordan Peele (GET OUT) is supposedly working on a remake of Clive Barker's 90s supernatural slasher flick CANDYMAN starring Tony Todd. Will Peele have Todd return as the Candyman this time around? Hard to say, but it does seem that Todd is enthusiastic about Peele taking on the property.

Tony Todd:

I didn’t realize that importance at the time, about how impactful Candyman was, particularly in the inner cities which had some of the strongest fanbase. But yes, he was that African-American representing, you know, us. So before that I was able to play the heroic character in Night of the Living Dead. So between the two, that was the stuff of HBO, you know back in Def Jam generation. So I’m honored. If Jordan wants to do it, do it. I know I’d rather have him do it, someone with intelligence, who’s going to be thoughtful and dig into the whole racial makeup of who Candyman is and why he existed in the first place. I know he’ll give homage and I know that if it gets made, I’ll have a plate at the table one way or the other.

Personally, I'd like to know what Clive Barker thinks of Jordan Peele taking on a new adaptation of CANDYMAN (aka THE FORSAKEN). I'm thinking Barker would be pleased as punch to hear someone of Peele's caliber was taking the reins of his story, but all the same, I want to hear just HOW EXCITED Barker is. Hopefully, we'll find out soon... Until then, let's all just watch Bernard Rose's original film and imagine the possibilities.

Sounds like a plan to me! For those who may have forgotten, the original movie followed:

Skeptical graduate student Helen Lyle (Virginia Madsen) who befriends Anne-Marie McCoy (Vanessa Williams) while researching superstitions in a housing project on Chicago's Near North Side. From Anne-Marie, Helen learns about the Candyman (Tony Todd), a knife-wielding figure of urban legend that some of her neighbors believe to be responsible for a recent murder. After a mysterious man matching the Candyman's description begins stalking her, Helen comes to fear that the legend may be all too real.

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