Trailer and clip give a glimpse of found footage horror Lilin's Brood

You'll be able to spend your Valentine's Day with LILIN'S BROOD, a found footage horror film written and directed by MansA MoJo Brothas that will be reaching VOD on Amazon and iTunes on February 12th, 2016.

A Some Sirius Ship production, LILIN'S BROOD stars Martin Sensemeier, Maxine Goynes, Brent King, Melinda Milton, Alberto Barros, Catherine Paiz, James Wellington, and Sandra Hinojosa. The film tells the story of 

a "New Media" news coverage team that is stranded near a beleaguered brothel in the middle of nowhere; recovered footage will reveal what happens when they encounter a group of women with a terrifying secret.

Presales for the movie begin on January 28th, and to help you decide if you want to meet LILIN'S BROOD, a trailer and teaser clip have been included below.

I don't like the found footage style very much at all, but I'd be willing to give this one a chance, largely because the title reminds me of villains from '90s issues of the Ghost Rider comic book. I realize this is inspired by a mythology that goes back thousands of years, but I'm most familiar with the Marvel Comics version.

Also, who wouldn't want to watch a movie about a beleaguered brothel?

Extra Tidbit: How does LILIN'S BROOD look to you?
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