Trailer and clip invite you into The House on Pine Street

The House on Pine Street Aaron Keeling Austin Keeling Emily Goss

Last December, we shared a look at an incredible project sibling filmmakers Aaron and Austin Keeling crafted with their family - a detailed gingerbread recreation of THE SHINING's Overlook Hotel. Next month, Terror Films will be giving us a chance to see what the Keelings have crafted in the cinematic realm when they release the brothers' supernatural horror film THE HOUSE ON PINE STREET on VOD.

Written by the Keelings and Natalie Jones, THE HOUSE ON PINE STREET 

revolves around Jennifer (Emily Goss). She is seven months pregnant and reluctantly returning to her hometown in Kansas, after an unexpected mental breakdown. Coping with her fears of motherhood, a strained relationship with her husband, Luke (Taylor Bottles), and the overbearing presence of her own mother, Meredith (Cathy Barnett), Jennifer struggles to regain control of her life. But when strange things start happening in their new rental home, Jennifer begins to fear that it may be haunted. Alone in her convictions, Jennifer is forced to question her sanity as she attempts to find out what, if anything, is plaguing the house.

The Keelings and Jones also produced the film with Monique Thomas.

As phase one of PINE STREET's release, Terror Films will be releasing the movie on VOD through iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play, Vudu, Xbox, and PlayStation on September 30th. An even wider VOD and DVD release is expected to follow, as is a limited theatrical release.

The trailer for THE HOUSE ON PINE STREET can be seen below, along with a clip from the film. This is the first in a series of clips that will be released on a weekly basis in the build-up to the VOD debut. 

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