Trailer and release date for Brazilian horror film The Trace We Leave Behind

The Trace We Leave Behind JC Feyer Rafael Cardoso Leandra Leal

Last year, I was able to visit the set of the Brazilian psychological (or is it supernatural?? horror film THE TRACE WE LEAVE BEHIND (O RASTRO in Portuguese), and I got the feeling while on the set that director J.C. Feyer and producers Malu Miranda and André Pereira, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Beatriz Manella, were crafting something that is going to be very impressive when the world gets a chance to see it.

THE TRACE WE LEAVE BEHIND's Brazilian release date is now drawing near; audiences in the film's home country will be able to watch it in theatres beginning on March 30th. A trailer has been released online and can be seen below - press the CC button to select English subtitles.

With a cast that includes Rafael Cardoso, Leandra Leal, Felipe Camargo, Claudia Abreu, and Jonas Bloch, the film tells a story that is

set against Brazil’s roiling social unrest and centers on  bright, recently-promoted doctor Joao, who is tasked with coordinating the overnight transfer of patients when yet another public hospital is closed in Rio. When a young girl patient goes missing, he tries to locate her, and is gradually drawn into a world he wishes he had never entered.

Since THE TRACE WE LEAVE BEHIND was my first set visit experience, this trailer is also the first time I've gotten to see a promo for a new film that features locations that I have walked through myself. It's really cool to see on the screen all these things that I saw up close and in person.

Thankfully, the horrors that torment Joao were not present in that abandoned hospital wing when I was given my tour, and while there was blood, I was assured that it was fake.

THE TRACE WE LEAVE BEHIND will be in theatres in Brazil two months from today, and I will share the news as international release details become available.

To read my full set visit report, click HERE.

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