Trailer and stills for Sion Sono's Tokyo Tribe

Tokyo Tribe

Riding on the coattails of WHY DON’T YOU PLAY IN HELL?, Sion Sono is back with yet another film that promises plenty of colorful carnage in TOKYO TRIBE, a film based on a popular Manga series by Santa Inoue and told almost entirely in rap verses by some of Japan’s top rappers. Wait, what? Something tells me we’re going to have to watch this trailer to truly get a sense of what TOKYO TRIBE has to offer-so here it is alongside plenty of images!

The aggressive assault of the beats and rhymes wreaks havoc as a massive ensemble cast shocks, excites, and incites an unparalleled sonic war!

In a futuristic, alternate-world Tokyo, the city is made up of ghetto slums and nightclub playgrounds where gangs of wayward youth rule the streets. The city is carved up into ‘hoods, and the crossing of territorial lines quickly leads to riots and rumbles. On the turf ruled by the savage yakuza Big Buppa, the simmering tension is about to boil over into all-out war. Who will emerge victorious? Territory, friendship, pride, love… Everything is put on the line in a desperate struggle for supremacy!

TOKYO TRIBE will be released in selected cinemas nationwide in the UK on 8 May 2015.

Tokyo Tribe Tokyo Tribe Tokyo Tribe Tokyo Tribe Tokyo Tribe Tokyo Tribe

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