Trailer: Casper Van Dien takes on the Ratpocalypse

Vladimir Uglichin Ratpocalypse

A really goofy trailer (which even includes the tagline "Oh Hell Gnaw") has arrived online for writer/director Vladimir Uglichin's horrific political satire RATPOCALYPSE, which stars Casper Van Dien as 

American Senator John Perryman, a man of pure and humble soul with a warrior’s disposition, who delivers a fiery speech in Moscow about the country’s main evil – corruption. A corruption so pervasive it will turn men into “rats.” He declares that he was ordered to speak to them from above and threatens everyone with the loss of their human form, which draws only guffaws and resentment from the people. Many take the Senator for a madman as gradually, all his friends and relatives turn away from him. 

Eventually the Senator meets a mysterious girl in the streets who seems to be his guardian angel but soon, everything he talked about in Moscow begins to come true, triggering panic in Russia and around the world. 

Produced by Uglichin, Peter Zhmutski, and Gary Frederickson (who won Oscars for producing APOCALYPSE NOW and THE GODFATHER PART II), RATPOCALYPSE was released in Russia two years ago. The film is now reaching the US with a VOD release courtesy of Gravitas Ventures.

Check out the trailer below, and if you like what you see you can head over to Amazon to buy or rent the full movie.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching RATPOCALYPSE?



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