Trailer debut for Haunting of the Innocent

Back in November we brought you the synopsis for director Matt Hish's upcoming supernatural thriller HAUNTING OF THE INNOCENT (originally titled A HAUNTING IN MASSACHUSETTS), which UnCork'd Entertainment will be dropping on VOD later this month, with plans to release through Redbox outlets January 28th, 2014 and drop on home video in March. Today we have our first look at the film via the first trailer for the indie shocker below.

This ghostly feature hosts a strong cast, including Judd Nelson (ST. ELMO'S FIRE), Jessica Morris, Hannah Cowley and Autumn Federici. The film is a Khoury A. Marriot and Raging Bull Entertainment production, which was produced by Autumn Federici and Justin Jones and also stars Rib Hillis.

Take a look at the trailer for HAUNTING OF THE INNOCENT below, following the synopsis, and look for it on DVD later this year!

In the film, a family moves into a new home, in a small New England town. Their spacious home hosts an insidious evil, which attacks Tom’s (Hillis) wife, Brenda (Morris). Their strange and violent encounter with the supernatural leads them down a path full of ancient legends. Tom knows of these legends and he will have to confront his own demons, to release his family from the clutches of a powerful and malevolent entity.

Extra Tidbit: Does HAUNTING OF THE INNOCENT pique your interest at all?



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