Trailer debuts for Matthew Sconce's Altar

A "haunting horror movie" from writer/director Matthew Sconce, ALTAR is a new film that features some familiar elements, appearing to mix the backwoods slasher sub-genre with the found footage visual style. 

Sconce says he was aiming to make a movie that would keep the audience guessing and would make viewers care about the characters and whether they would live or die. We'll be able to find out just how successful he was when ALTAR makes its premiere later in 2016, but for now we can get a sample of what Sconce has in store for us by watching the trailer below.

Starring Stefanie Estes, Jesse Parr, Brittany Falardeau, Deep Rai, Ancilla deValmont, and Tim Parrish, ALTAR is 

the terrifying story of a group of college classmates who get lost driving to a reunion campout in the Sierra Nevada mountains. After stopping for the night, they stumble onto something darker and must escape the evil they've unleashed. Not only are their lives in danger, but their immortal souls as well.

The film was produced by James Schumacher, Tina Johnson, Nicole Spate, and Nicole Osborne, with Nick Soares, Orlando Gomez, and Penny Sheran Park executive producing.

Extra Tidbit: What is your favorite backwoods horror movie?



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