Trailer: Eliza Dushku explores a haunted asylum in Eloise

Eloise Robert Legato

Filmed within the confines of a real abandoned mental asylum, the Eloise Asylum just outside Detroit, Michigan, director Robert Legato's supernatural thriller ELOISE has taken a while to start making its way out into the world - production wrapped almost two and a half years ago. While there's still no information on a North American release, ELOISE will finally be reaching theatres in the UK on January 5th.

Along with this release date comes a trailer promoting it. The trailer can be seen below, and I can't say it really does much for me aside from the fact that I like the cast.

Starring Eliza Dushku, Chace Crawford, Brandon T. Jackson, PJ Bryne, and Robert Patrick, ELOISE tells the following story: 

The film is set in a defunct insane asylum known as “Eloise.” Four friends break into the abandoned institution in hopes of finding a death certificate, which will provide Jacob (Crawford) with the rights to a sizable inheritance. While inside the asylum, the group not only finds that the institution houses a horrifying history but also the truth about their own tragic pasts. 

The screenplay was written by THE VATICAN TAPES scribe Christopher Borrelli.

If you're in the UK and want to see ELOISE, it's barely over a month away. For those of us outside the UK, the wait continues, but we'll share more release information when it becomes available.

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