Trailer for comedic Hebrew horror tale Goldberg & Eisenberg

After winning over critics and audiences alike at Fantastic Fest in Austin and Screamfest in Los Angeles, Oren Carmi’s acclaimed comedic thriller GOLDBERG & EISENBERG has scored itself a trailer just ahead of Slamdance, where it will be playing in official competition, and we've got it for you to check out!

Back in September we brought you the news that Jinga Films had acquired worldwide rights to GOLDBERG & EISENBERG, so we're hoping to hear word on when it'll be hitting theaters and VOD/DVD/Blu-ray soon. Till then, check out the rather lengthy synopsis and the insane trailer below.

Goldberg is short and thin. He wears glasses. He's lonely. He's a mediocre computer programmer that lives in Tel Aviv and spends most of his energy searching online for a girlfriend. His only friend is Audrey, his beloved female dog.

Eisenberg is a thug. Tall, fat, approaching middle age and not completely sane. He spends his days slouching around Meir Park, harassing innocent bystanders and doing business with petty thieves and small-time criminals.

Unfortunately the two cross paths, and Eisenberg decides that they should start hanging out. But something in his demeanor says that he wants to be much more than just friends...

Goldberg tries to avoid him, but Eisenberg's presence is everywhere: his apartment, his dating life, even his nightmares. When Eisenberg threatens Goldberg's beloved dog he realizes he must leave his manners behind, but his actions back-fire and events spin out of control. Goldberg is unwillingly drawn into Eisenberg's bizarre world, a world of petty thieves, Russian neo-Nazi punk rockers and Israeli "redneck" farmers...

And the story gradually becomes darker and darker... This is a story about random meetings with strangers that lead to anxiety and paranoia. About lonely people in the big city. About losing control.

Extra Tidbit: Did the trailer for GOLDBERG & EISENBERG do it for ya?



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