Trailer for darkly comedic cannibal flick Serving Up Richard

Here's a new item on the menu: a psychological thriller/dark comedy about a couple of cannibals in the middle of suburbia. Perhaps not the most original dish, but the sub-genre never goes out of style. And this one looks rather tasty.

It's called SERVING UP RICHARD, and it's the directorial debut by Henry Olek. Starring Ross McCall, Jude Ciccolella and Susan Priver, it will be distributed by Dance On Productions next month, and we've got a trailer and synopsis to hold you over until then.

The synopsis:

Meet Glory and Everett Hutchins…maybe you’ve already met them. They live in a neighborhood very much like yours, except they have a little secret. Everett (Jude Ciccolella) and Glory (Susan Priver) are active cannibals. Not exactly a Main Street practice today. And their lifestyle presents some practical challenges: like how do you get those necessary provisions?

Meet Richard Reubens…perhaps you’ve met him too. A mid-level Wall Street investment specialist, Richard (Ross McCall) was transferred to the LA offices under some murky circumstances. In LA everyone needs a car. When Richard answers an ad selling a vintage Mustang, he unwittingly winds up Glory and Everett’s captive in their secret room, in their nice house, in the neighborhood that looks like your neighborhood. And Richard is fated to be the next addition to their unorthodox menu. However...Richard is not a silent lamb about to be led willingly to his own slaughter.

The film will open at Cinema Village in NYC on September 7 (World Premiere), and at Laemmle Playhouse 7 in Pasadena on September 21, 2012.

Extra Tidbit: What do you think, does this one look like an entree worth ordering?



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