Trailer for Joe Johnston's Blumhouse thriller Not Safe for Work

Way back in February of 2012 we learned that CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER director Joe Johnston was set up to helm the microbudgeted thriller NOT SAFE FOR WORK, produced by Jason Blum and his Blumhouse Productions. From writers Adam Mason and Simon Boyes, the film centers on a young paralegal who is trapped in the office with a killer on a mission to destroy files for another corporation. Today we finally have a look at the trailer for the film and it is cliche-riddled and bland as some of you may have expected it to be.

NOT SAFE FOR WORK has had a rough ride to release. We learned in June of last year that the film was bypassing theaters and headed straight to VOD and DVD, with producer Blum sharing that "Some of my movies work, and some of them don't. I want to be able to say to the studio, 'We missed, let's go to VOD.'" It seems that NOT SAFE FOR WORK was one of those films that just didn't work, but now it looks like you'll be able to judge that for yourself as the film is scheduled to hit DVD on April 15 from Universal Studios.

NOT SAFE FOR WORK stars Max Minghella as...

...an office worker who becomes trapped in his workplace by a deranged killer (J.J. Field) and tries to protect his co-workers from the madman.

You can pre-order NOT SAFE FOR WORK on DVD HERE. So far, no special features have been announced. Peep the trailer below and hit us with your thoughts on it.

Extra Tidbit: Does NOT SAFE FOR WORK look like something you'd check out?



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