Trailer for Ryan Smith's sci-fi thriller After starring Steven Strait

Matchbox Films have just dropped the UK DVD release date for Ryan Smith's low budget sci-fi thriller AFTER starring Karolina Wydra (“True Blood”) and Steven Strait (10,000 Years BC) as it will hit shelves on May 26th! The Canadian release is scheduled for May 13th through Mongrel Media with US distribution eyeing a release in July.

AFTER saw its premiere at FrightFest and London Sci-Fi Film Festival before heading out to the world festival circuit where it took home several awards including Best Special Effects at Fancine Malaga.

In this ‘Twilight Zone’-esque tale of the afterlife, two bus crash survivors wake from a coma to discover that they are the only inhabitants of a small American town. Scarier still, a monstrous cloud is swallowing the area, closing in on them slowly but surely. Are they dead, in an alternate dimension, or is it all a dream? As the couple scavenge houses and attempt to find a way out, they soon learn that they are not alone. Inside the mist are ravenous creatures hell-bent on preventing their escape.

I'm definitely getting some SILENT HILL vibes from this one so far, but otherwise it looks like a pretty solid entry into indie horror. Dig on the trailer below and see what you think!

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