Two trailers for the second season of BBC's In The Flesh

I've yet to catch the first season of BBC's zombie series "In the Flesh", but I've heard good things. Apparently others dug it, because a second season is stumbling along next month, this one a six-parter. (Season One was only three episodes.)

Here's are two trailers for the new season, which airs on BBC Three on May 8th and BBC America on May 10th. Find them below.

Here's how the first season shaped up:

IN THE FLESH follows zombie teenager Kieren Walker (Luke Newberry) and his reintegration back into both the local community and the heart of his family. After his suicide four years ago, his friends and family thought they'd never see Kieren again.

But shortly after his funeral, thousands rose from the dead; and after months of rehabilitation and medication, the zombies -- now known as PDS (Partially Deceased Syndrome) sufferers -- are gradually being returned to their homes. When Kieran arrives, he is forced to confront his family, the community that rejected him and haunting flashbacks of what he did in his untreated state.

And now here's the synopsis for the second season:

In the cauldron of Roarton, where the living and the undead have reached a fragile peace, Kieren is desperately keeping his head down and squirreling money into his ‘escape fund’ for Paris. But in the wider world, fear is in the air. The radical Pro-Living Party, Victus, is gaining government seats with a resulting spate of PDS Terrorism linked to the Undead Liberation Army (ULA).

With the arrival of new and explosive characters from both Victus and the ULA, Kieren’s plans are thrown into disarray as both set their sights on him. He’ll find himself caught in the emotional crossfire, making his desire for a quiet life an unrealistic option.

IN THE FLESH was written by Dominic Mitchell and directed by Jonny Campbell. The series stars Luke Newberry as Kieren Walker, David Walmsley as Rick Macy, Emily Bevan as Amy Dyer, and Harriet Caines as Jemima Walker.

Source: BBC



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