Trailer for anthology series The Witness Articles shows you some bad things

The Witness Articles

Rogue Ventures and Lunacraft Productions' anthology web series The Witness Articles will be going online on April 28th, and its release has been preceded by a teaser trailer that offers a glimpse at some of the "bad things" the series intends to bring to your computer screen. This teaser certainly doesn't give anything away about what those bad things are, but it does show us that stories will be playing out in very different locations and through different time periods.

Created by Erik Magnusson and made in Australia, The Witness Articles centers on 

a Boston based journalist named Ethan Sommers who investigates the terrifying witness accounts of individuals who have experienced paranormal encounters and have lived to tell of it.

Sounds like a set-up that could allow for a lot of interesting episodes. There's not a great amount of information on The Witness Articles out there, but it appears to be a promising show.

If you're intrigued by the teaser, be sure to log in to watch the first episode in just over a month.

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