Trailer: Gehenna: Where Death Lives starring Doug Jones & Lance Henriksen

Effects master Hiroshi Katagiri makes his feature directorial debut and also provides the impressive effects for the upcoming horror flick GEHENNA: WHERE DEATH LIVES. The film stars Doung Jones (THE SHAPE OF WATER) and Lance Henriksen (NEAR DARK, ALIENS) and features makeup effects by Spectral Motion (HELLBOY, LOOPER).

The film hits select theaters and VOD via Uncork’d Entertainment May 4 and you can check out the trailer and poster below. After looking through all that creepy shite, make sure to hit us up and let us know in the comments below or on social media!


Encompassing horror, suspense and a twist that will blow your mind, Gehenna: Where Death Lives fixes on five people who enter a hidden bunker from WW2, and realize it’s way more than a bunker.

The film is directed by Hiroshi Katagiri from a screenplay written by Katagiri, Nathan Long, and Brad Palmer and stars Doug Jones, Lance Henriksen, Patrick Gorman, Simon Phillips, Sean Sprawling, Eva Swan, and Justin Gordon. It hits select theaters and VOD via Uncork’d Entertainment May 4

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