Trailer heralds the arrival of Demon Hunter, on VOD August 15th

Demon Hunter Niamh Hogan Zoe Kavanagh

Fifteen months ago, I shared an early international trailer for director Zoe Kavanagh's action horror film TARYN BARKER: DEMON HUNTER. Since then, the film has dropped the first half of its title - it's now simply DEMON HUNTER - and secured distribution from Wild Eye Releasing.

Wild Eye will be giving DEMON HUNTER a VOD release on August 15th, and ahead of this imminent release comes a fresh trailer for the film. The flashy new trailer can be viewed below.

Described as a combination of elements from UNDERWORLD, THE EVIL DEAD, and BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, DEMON HUNTER was written by Kavanagh with Tony Flynn. It tells the following story: 

After she is captured by police for questioning in the slaying of a man she claimed was a demon, Taryn Barker must prove her innocence, and the existence of demons. But when a cult captures the daughter of one of the detectives on the case, the police must trust, and unleash, this warrior on the Satantic group who are intent on bringing an ancient evil force into the world.

Niamh Hogan, Alan Talbot, Kevin O'Malley, Nic Furlong, Sarah Tapes Jenkinson, and Margarita Grillis star.

DEMON HUNTER is said to be a "frenetic slice 'n dice" that "keeps on the gas until the credits roll". It sounds like fun to me, I look forward to checking it out.

Extra Tidbit: Will you be watching DEMON HUNTER?



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